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post-fleurdelisWas it desperation?  Ineptitude?  Or maybe just a clumsy mistake?   Whatever it was, it was offensive.  But, after the initial shock had passed, it was just plain funny.

Yesterday, I received an e-mail that began, “Dear NULL.”  Duh.  Who?  The sender was only vaguely familiar, and I felt pretty sure that I hadn’t signed up for his (or her) mailing list.  So, why did I get that email?

Not being one to let a mystery go unsolved, I clicked on a promising link in the message (you guessed it, the one that pointed to the product they were promoting), and voila! mystery solved.

Several days (or maybe weeks) ago, I had come across a product that I thought looked promising and that was being offered for a very tempting discounted price.

It looked like a product that I would enjoy using myself, but the really big attraction was that it looked like a product that would be great for my site visitors and list members, one that I would recommend even if the vendor didn’t have an affiliate program that allowed me to  make a little money.

It was a multipart program, and you had the choice of buying one or as many parts as you wished.  The one that I was interested in was the basic program, having no use for any of the specialty programs myself, but some of them could well have been of interest to my readers.  The basic program was offered at a significant discount, so I decided to buy it.

And therein lies the moral of this tale:  don’t ever try to trick, mislead, coerce, squeeze, or otherwise deceive your prospective buyers.  When I got to the order page, it turned out that the discount price for the basic program only applied if you bought one or more of the other parts of the program!  Otherwise, you must pay the full price.  Fair enough–but only if you say so up front.

The outcome of this for the vendor is that I didn’t buy the product and wouldn’t ever buy anything from them in the future.  They probably would have had many sales had I recommended the product to my visitors and list members as it is a basic tool that appeared to be one that every internet marketer would rely on on a daily basis.

The outcome for me and my visitors is that none of us will have the pleasure of using what I sincerely believe is a first rate tool, possibly even a unique one, as I can’t recall ever having seen anything like it before.

And now I am going to put on my Miss Manners hat and, with a sniff of superiority, tell you that deception is neither profitable nor honorable, that making money any way you can isn’t the proper thing to do and probably won’t work anyway, and that long term gains (probably short term ones, too) are completely dependent on the trust that you have built between yourself and your list members and site readers.

Perhaps these people didn’t act with deliberate disregard for integrity in marketing technique, but carelessness is no excuse.  The last act of any reputable marketer before he puts his campaign online should be to examine every aspect of it to assure that it meets all criteria for integrity in business.  It’s good salesmanship!

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