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post-fleurdelisOne of the purposes of this site, an important one, is to reduce information overload for beginners.  To do that, as I promised I would do, means to search for, evaluate, and select or eliminate sources that will serve our beginner learners.

As an information overload inhibitor, today I added quite a few new worthwhile links, as well as the new category ‘Motivation Plus.’  The writers at these sites all have valuable, useful information to speed up your learning time, but each is motivational, too.

Motivation is very likely the most important component of learning, and subject matter presented in such a way as to give you a sense of  ‘I can do it’ is the most valuable kind.

Motivation is many faceted:

  • Its most important component is emotion.
  • Creating a sense of relaxation and being easy is encouraging.
  • Clear understanding is reassuring.
  • Discovering where you have been wrong invokes a sense of relief.
  • Discovering how to fix those mistakes allows a sigh of relief–‘Ahhh.’
  • It is a hallmark of good writing.

Whether you are reading a love story, a newspaper article, or a blog post, if you liked it you will probably realize that it stirred your emotions in some way.  It may have delighted you or angered you, but it did evoke an emotion of one kind or another.

The strange thing is that the evocation of emotion, whether positive or negative, is what determines whether or not you ‘liked’ the thing that you read–or heard, or saw.  Perhaps ‘liked’ isn’t the proper word here; ‘appreciated’ might be a better choice.  But, the bottom line remains ‘motivation.’

The power of motivation can’t be over-emphasized: look for it when you read and study; provide it when you write.

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2 Responses to “Some New Learning Help: Links & Motivation”

  1. lilikindsli Says:

    wR2d1t I want to say – thank you for this!

  2. Jody Says:

    And thank you for your comment. You are most welcome for whatever you find useful here, and it’s good to know that I helped you.

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