Your Mind and Making Money

post-fleurdelisHere’s a fun thing to do that is worth the five minutes it takes to do it.  It can tell you what your mind’s weak and strong points are, and you can then decide how they relate to making money.

Making money online isn’t all about making pretty sites, producing good content, SEO, HTML, PPC and all the other stuff of buzz words of the online world.  Your mental state is vital, too, and here is a quick, fun, and FREE  way to find out about it.

A program called ColorQuiz tells you, well, perhaps more than you want to know about yourself, and you should be willing to look inside yourself and consider the accuracy of your test if you want to get the maximum use from your results.  It’s your opportunity to “Accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative,” to use the words of that old song, as well as to “Change the things that you can and accept the things that you can’t,” to quote an old maxim.

In other words, you can discover your strong points and use them to your advantage  while at the same time you will be made aware of your weakest areas so that you can either just cope with them or work on improving them.  Everything reported might not be relevant to your business, but don’t count on it.  The subtleties of the mind have a way of intruding into everything we do.

The printable results of the quiz are described in five categories:  Your Existing Situation, Your Stress Sources, Your Restrained Characteristics, Your Desired Objective, and Your Actual Problem.  Some pretty pertinent revelations to help with decision making about your business, right?

The quiz is a serious undertaking that has been under continuous development for many years, and its usefulness is widely accepted.  Read the “About the Quiz” section on the site for the details of this fascinating psychology project.

Click the ColorQuiz icon below to take the quiz.

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2 Responses to “Your Mind and Making Money”

  1. Smart Teenager Says:

    Haha that is pretty neat. I agree with you in the sense of positive thinking. The benefits of visualization and thinking positive thoughts are really just starting to get into the spotlight.

    -Smart Teenager

  2. Jody Says:

    Glad you enjoyed the post and the quiz. It’s nice to know that someone ‘heard’ you.

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