There’s Gold in Article Writing

post-fleurdelisIf you have any doubts about the value of article writing, this should change your mind!

“Having a Wonderful Time, Wish You Were Here.”

(The story of the travels of one simple article.)

Almost exactly a year ago (8 July 2008) Ezine Articles published a 482 word article I wrote called “Dried Peas and Beans for Cheap Nutrition.” I wrote it as a course assignment, and I was annoyed because I thought it a waste since I didn’t have a web site to point to at that time. For that reason, I chose a topic to ‘waste’ that I didn’t expect to use in the future. I also chose it because it required no research; I could write it ‘off the top of my head.’ As I recall, it took me no longer than 15 or 20 minutes to write it and not much longer to forget all about it. End of story – until last night.

In search of something personal, I googled myself, came across the article, and decided to check it out. Using Google full title double quotes, the return was 84. After a little more tinkering that eliminated repeats, blogs that had been removed, etc., 45 listings remained, and I began looking at its ‘itinerary.’

First, I looked at it on Ezine Articles and discovered that it had been viewed 368 times, nearly once a day for a year! In my ignorance as a newbie, I had no idea that I had tapped into the top niche ‘health and fitness.’ I hadn’t even expected it to be read by anyone but my friends. Excited, I continued looking at where it had been published.

It was the featured article on several good-looking sites with respectable Alexa ratings, and it looked good, usually wrapped around a picture. On one site, it was a featured link to the Ezine article itself and was linked on several others.

Most exciting of all, though, was that it had been picked up by another article directory and placed in several categories. AND, a couple of the entries there were articles written by someone else and incorporating MY article.

Now would be a good time for you to read it and see just how little it takes to do a lot; it’s here:    http://ezinearticles.com/?Dried-Peas-and-Beans-For-Cheap-Nutrition&id=1308030

By now, you will have noticed that I’ve kind of gotten carried away with the exclamation points, all caps, and underlining. The accomplishments of just one article are exciting.

  • Suppose I’d written just one article every month and had a website. That would translate to 4416 views and, surely, a few additions to my mailing list and maybe even a few sales – gold, that is.
  • Any article can go viral and get some gold for you indefinitely.
  • If you are selling your own product instead of an affiliate product, that ups the ante considerably.

When digging for gold, your best shovel could be an article, so…


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8 Responses to “There’s Gold in Article Writing”

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  3. Ealy Says:

    thanks !! very helpful post!

  4. Jody Says:

    Glad you found it useful, Ealy. I try hard to convince readers that writing articles is both necessary and useful.

  5. woo themes download Says:

    Thanks for the tips. Interesting but looks like there is some hard work ahead for me!

  6. Jody Says:

    Rewards usually do require some work :), but not necessarily HARD work. Writing need not be hard when you keep in mind that you are just delivering information that people want and doing it in a friendly, informal way. Hey, it’s communication, and we all want to communicate with others.

  7. Matthew C. Kriner Says:

    I thought that making money online was impossible too but then i found this site that allows me to sell small articles that i write for anywhere from $20 to $100 each. I have sold 3 articles already so I finally have a way to make money from home.

  8. Jody Says:

    @Matthew C. Kriner Thank you for your comment. I hope some of my readers will find that site ‘a-little-bit-of-help-while-getting-started.’

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