Look Into Your Future–You Won’t Like It

post-fleurdelisIs this what you want to see when you visit a blog or website?  More to the point, is this what you want visitors to YOUR  site to see?


If Google is allowed to continue forcing–yes, forcing–Sidewiki on site owners, that will be the fate of all of us.  Your friends can write anything they wish about you and your blog–and so can your enemies, competitors, and the just-having-fun pea-brains who enjoy making mischief.  You can neither prevent the intrusion of this large and unsightly sidebar on your site, nor can you remove any of its contents.  Sound scary?  It is!

Paul Myers has written a lengthy article about this on his blog at http://www.talkbiz.com/blog/ where you will find a thorough explanation of what this is all about and why it is outrageous behavior on Google’s part.  Read It!

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