3 Benefits of Branding

post-fleurdelis Branding lets the world know who you are.

When we see or hearThe Greatest Show on Earthwe think of the Barnum and Bailey Circus, seeing the five interlocked circles reminds us of the Olympic Games, and fast food evokes many responses–hamburgers at  McDonald’s, Mexican food at Taco Bell, fried chicken with Colonel Sanders at Kentucky Fried Chicken to name a few.

Why then, when they see your name, your company name, or your company logo shouldn’t they think of you?

Branding is a good place for beginners to start because it takes time to ‘get there’ and because beginners have tools to start immediately:  article writing, forum participation, and blog commenting–all free.

Consider these three vital things that brand recognition does for you:

1. Attracts readers

Even when they can’t be quite sure just who you are or where they have seen your name before, or your logo, or your company slogan, readers will respond to familiarty.  You have their attention, at least for the moment, and  curiosity is usually enough to propel them into taking at least one more step in  your chosen direction.   Assuming that you have done the next step correctly, and the next, you are successfully leading your readers to exactly where you want them to be.  It may be just getting them to read your article.  It may be getting them to click on a search engine listing that takes them to your web site.  Or, it may be a search engine listing that takes them to a landing page.

2. Establishes you as an expert

When you have established yourself as an expert, your marketing life gets much easier.  When readers consistently see your name over and over, they come to believe that you are someone important, an expert, someone who can be relied on to provide accurate and unbiased information.

However, you don’t want to dilute those expectations by appearing to know everything about everything.  That is why it is probably wise to use a pen name for each different niche if you are doing niche marketing and to use that name nowhere else.  If they see that name associated with many things, they are highly unlikely to remember any of them specifically.

3. Establishes trust

This final point is the most important of all.  Without trust you have nothing.  Readers won’t believe you; buyers won’t have confidence that your product is good and that you will stand behind it with good customer service.  Furthermore, you can never let up in maintaining that trust; once gone, it’s probably gone forever.  That’s another good reason for using pen names:  if you lose trust in one niche, you can write that one off but not be affected in any of your other niches.  It’s a safety net, like backing up your computer.

If you haven’t yet established brand recognition, it’s time to get started.  It’s one of the most worthwhile ways to invest your time; the payback is generous.

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