Banned From the Warrior Forum…Disgrace or Badge of Honor?


If it were not that this incident would eventually be discovered by someone and would ultimately come to the attention of my readers, I wouldn’t even dignify it with an acknowledgement. However, my readers and friends deserve more.

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oops! Must have been a computer glitch…log in again. oops!

My stomach began to churn, and I could feel my face burning! This can’t be!

How do you get banned for spamming when your best effort at marketing is a timid little line in your signature, when your blog is probably the worst monetized on the web, and my mailing list members can certainly verify that I have never attempted to sell them anything that had a dollar sign attached to it–not even in a P.S. or in a one-liner under my signature?

If you think I’m going to tell you the answer, you’re wrong, because I don’t know myself. When I was banned, I wasn’t even shown the courtesy of citing the forum post that caused the ban. The screen shot you see above just flashed on my screen when I tried to resume posting after having gone to my control panel for a few minutes.

I’m sorry that I can’t be fair and tell you both sides of the story, and I do think I know the REAL reason, but I’ll get to that later. I’ve been around long enough to know what spam is, so there’s no possibility that I did it accidentally–and I have zero tolerance for spam, myself.

There’s another thing I have zero tolerance for, too. That’s having my integrity questioned. False accusations do just that. Unsubstantiated ones do, too. Those Terms of Service in ALL forums state that they can throw you out at any time for any or no reason…no explanation or justification required. Rather un-American, isn’t it, repudiating the tenets of that justice system we’re so proud of? You know: innocent until proven guilty, the right to confront your accuser, the right to freedom of speech… That kind of banning sounds like what goes on in the third world dictatorships.

Even so, those Terms of Service are both understandable and justifiable. Forums couldn’t operate if black-hat marketers, smart-alecks, and other assorted weirdoes who demanded a ‘hearing’ or explanation as to why they were banned–or sued or threatened to sue the forum–were catered to. But, members who have been around a while, who have made positive contributions to the forum, and have had no serious issues previously (I throw that last one in because I once had a thread deleted by what I assumed to be a wannabe moderator, even though I explained in the new thread why I was starting it when a relevant thread already existed) don’t deserve the same treatment.

After rounding up and discounting the usual suspects–someone stole my username, a moderator hit the wrong button , or I was mistaken for another member with a similar username–I headed for the internet to see what I could learn. I was astonished–as in ASTONISHED!–by what I found, both in quantity and content.

  • The Warrior Forum’s policy of indiscriminate banning has been drawing fire for more than a year.
  • There are several blogs generated by banned members.
  • This 4-page thread at Anthony Blake Online forum.  A real eye-opener!

I’m getting a little ahead of myself here, but none of the people I found posting on forums or commenting on blog posts reported being banned for anything other than spamming. That has made me suspect that that is the only occasion for a permanent ban, suggesting it is what they use when they need an excuse to get rid of someone they simply don’t like.

For clarification, here’s my side of the story:
A thread had been started about the deterioration of the War Room since it was opened to the public with the subject “What happened to theWar Room?”  I replied, “Excuse me for laughing, but couldn’t you see it coming from a mile away? I saved my $37 dollars.” Someone replied to me with “*Note to self…Pass over any WSO’s or skip getting on any mailing list from this one…That’s a ***poor attitude to have.” (Isn’t that cute?) I suspect that that is the origin of the ban.

This entire site (and I am the entire site) emphasizes that integrity, honesty, and openness are its foundation, and if you can genuinely challenge that, you are welcome to post a comment to that effect. (NB: Don’t try to be cute or confrontational; I’ll delete your comment.) Not surprisingly, then, I can hardly regret an incident that revealed I was associated with and participating in an organization that I consider not in accord with my own standards.

A final comment: The Warrior Forum belongs to Allen Says, and he (along with any Warrior Forum member – there’s a sticky on the forum explaining that policy) can ban anyone for any reason that suits his fancy. In the end, all of this indiscriminate and unwarranted banning says a lot more about Allen Says than it does about me and the rest his innocent victims.  I fully support justifiable bans.

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40 Responses to “Banned From the Warrior Forum…Disgrace or Badge of Honor?”

  1. Helping A Fellow Warrior Member… | The JosephRatliff.com Blog Says:

    […] Banned From the Warrior Forum…Disgrace or Badge of Honor? […]

  2. Michelle Says:

    Sorry to hear that you got banned. It’s terrible when it happens. The thing with forums is that some moderators begin to act like power hungry dictators. They’ll shoot you at the knees if you dare to disagree – either with them or with one of their cronies.

    If that moderator had any sense of decency he/she could have at least given you a warning with the right of response from you. To ban someone who has over time contributed to the forum for one infraction (if there was actually an infraction in the first place) is tells me the place is heartless and unethical.

    Anyhow, there are better forums with less inclination to argue, and more inclination to share, experience, encourage and have fun.

  3. Jody Says:

    @Michelle. Thank you, Michelle. You certainly have a perfect understanding of the situation, and I deeply appreciate your support.

  4. Joseph Ratliff Says:

    Hi Jody…

    Interesting scenario. I’ve personally never paid much attention to the “banning” going on myself, but in this instance it appears (by the info you are providing here) you were just offering your opinion.

    Weird that WF would ban you for simply offering your opinion. Guess you struck a nerve eh, LOL? 😉

  5. Jody Says:

    @Joseph Ratliff. Thanks for commenting, Joe. As I said in the post, I was astonished to discover the extent to which the banning is going on myself. And as I said, also, I’m only pretty sure that the reason was because of the opinion I expressed, but what I am ABSOLUTELY SURE OF is that I didn’t spam.

  6. BlackhatApproved Says:

    BTW, after months of reading this blog, I just had to comment on this one. What’s up with that?

  7. Jody Says:

    The post says it all, nothing (printable) to add. 🙂 Thanks for commenting.

  8. Nicola Says:

    Hi Jody,

    I can relate and feel every emotion that you describe in this excellent blog post. I have just been banned for 6 months (although that may change to permanent if Allen Says sees what I’ve been saying about him and his poxy forum)

    My crime was to ask too many questions after purchasing a WSO which was clearly a scam. I felt that her sales video had subliminal messages embeded to get Warriors to buy the product as that was what the product was *strongly suggesting* we do in order to make sales. I asked her twice and got banned. Both times she would not answer.

    If someone asked me the question I would answer ‘no’ straight away and put their mind at ease, getting them banned is as good as a confession in my view.

    The worst aspect of being banned is knowing that my photo, profile and name will still be displayed in the posts I have made with the word ‘banned’ replacing where it used to say ‘War Room Member’. I can’t even get on to delete my account – I just have to suffer the indignation!

    I can’t appeal or plead my case as they have blocked my IP address. I wasn’t sent an email to say I’d been banned like they said they do – breaking the rules that are of their own making!

    Meanwhile the scammer keeps pedling her wares and me, the good guy, the ethical marketer, is banned.

    I would warn anyone thinking of joining the Warrior Forum to keep their posts to wishy washy lame comments such as, ‘excellent post’, totally agree’, ‘I wish I was as great as you’ and other servile banter that won’t offend even a lemon!

    I’m now turning a negative situation to a positive and use this exerience to get the word out about the Warrior Forum and the WSO who scammed me.

    The Warrior Forum should concider changing it’s name to Caveat Emptor – Buyer Beware!

    Wear it as a badge of honor Jody, don’t let pond life tarnish your name!

    All the best,


  9. Jody Says:

    Thank you for your support, Nicola, and for standing up and doing something. I haven’t said all I intend to, yet. I agree with you having your past activity on that forum still in place with ‘Banned’ beneath your avatar is terrible. People always tend to believe the worst and take a where there’s smoke attitude about things like that. That’s one reason we should continue to hammer away at the nutters. I don’t like risking the loss of friends, but when it comes to my integrity, it does take precedence over friendship.

  10. James Stein Says:

    They using new tactics now instead of a ban they are doing a redirect … See the video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JcIo4hvX58g


  11. Jody Says:

    Well, that certainly is a new twist, James. I wonder if it came to life as an alternative because there has been so much flap about people being banned. It will be interesting to see if others report that same treatment. Thanks for commenting and giving us this new nugget of information.

  12. James Stein Says:

    Thanks Jody, the sad fact of it is even several of my members are being redirected also just because they are members of my forum… Nobody broke any rules at all, none of us was even on the WF when this happened. One of my members has been a member of WF since 2005, just to find out today because he is a member of my forum he is being redirected also… Sad.. Just Sad … And people wonder why IM has a bad name…

  13. Jody Says:

    Yes, James, it is sad…as pettiness always is.

  14. Tricity Manual Says:

    Have you ever considered adding more videos to your blog posts to keep the readers more entertained? I mean I just read through the entire article of yours and it was quite good but since I’m more of a visual learner,I found that to be more helpful well let me know how it turns out. This is good…thanks for sharing

  15. Jody Says:

    Ohhhh…I wish you hadn’t asked me that. Yes, I’ve considered it, but considering never helped me get over my extreme aversion to videos. IMO, they are a waste of time, and since I feel that way, it wouldn’t make sense for me to inflict them on my readers.

    As a matter of fact, I’ve been thinking of doing a post about that, and since I’ll likely fly into a spluttering rage if I continue here, I’ll have to ask you to wait for the post.

    In the meantime, thank you for your complimentary comments and the well intentioned and valid suggestion.

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  17. Jody Says:

    Thank you. It’s very satisfying to know that you are helping others.

  18. James Stein Says:

    There is a group started on banned wf members, you can see and join this group to make people aware of the unethical things this forum does. http://www.facebook.com/WarriorForumBanned


  19. Jody Says:

    Thanks for letting us know about this, James.

  20. Danny Says:

    Jealous SEO people in that forum. BEWARE of warriorforum.com/forum/. Yes, beware you cannot post useful information in there and get hits to your profile. The minute they see you posting useful information that makes you look smart and knowledgeable they will ban you for nothing. I hear they banned all internet marketing, seo, search engine optimization and anyone trying to build links related to seo and it sure seems to be true!

  21. Jody Says:

    Thank you for commenting, Danny. Your thoughts seem to be right in line with what others who have been banned are saying.

    If I may, though, please let me make one suggestion. Instead of saying “I hear” when you comment, as you did in your last sentence, I believe it would be more effective to confine your remarks to what YOU know to be true, not what others are saying. That kind of keeps us all honest and makes our remarks more believable.

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  23. Jody Says:

    Glad you found it useful, and thanks for telling me.

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  25. Jody Says:

    Your kind comments are really appreciated. Thank you.

  26. Brandon Connell Says:

    I had a similar issue with 43things.com when I logged in. Same message, and no explanation. The people that own those types of sites are nothing more than dictators who want to control their reputation in any way possible despite the demand for freedom of speech. Chances are you didn’t break any of their listed rules and they just didn’t like you. It is a bad way to run a business and will eventually catch on to everyone that it isn’t a place you should be.

  27. Jody Says:

    Oh, dear. I hope that’s not becoming a trend, Brandon. We certainly don’t need more rudeness in the industry. The Warrior Forum has gotten quite a bit of publicity because of their behavior. It would be sad if others used those tactics as attention getters.

  28. Neobux Fan Says:

    Why go to WF in the first place? There are too many other good forums to hang around!

  29. Jody Says:

    Right you are!

  30. Lawrence Says:

    Hi. i read your story and was amazed how similar it was to my own.

    I’d been a member for about 9 months. I’d been surfing it one night, went to my control panel and when I tried to get back in I was presented with exactly the same screen. No warnings, no explanation and, of course, no answer to my Emails asking for one.

    I totally refute any spamming allegations. In the 9 months I’d made around 80 posts. I never used a sig. link and never promoted any product/service.

    I never made any “that’s great” type posts, preferring to use the “thanks”button instead, (which I used about 36 times). I was also thanked myself about 10 times.

    I’d like to know what their definition of “spamming”is!

    I thought that I was being particularly careful because I was planning to eventually offer some PLR packs for sale.

    The only thing I spoke out about was the annoying triangle advertising the war Room, which actually isn’t a triangle, but a square, the missing section being an invisible link to the War Room sales page. Ethical?

    I was extremely annoyed at the false accusation and losing some useful threads that I had subscribed to but stuff em is what I think now LG. (RENAULT 760, as I was known on there)

  31. Jody Says:

    Yes, Lawrence, we are legion; a lot of people have been banned for spamming when they didn’t. IMO, that’s a catch-all category that’s guaranteed to get you banned for life. Also, IMO, their entire problem rests on giving every member the right to ban. That’s a real feast for the power hungry ineffectual types who, in reality, are mere nonentities.

    I sympathize with you about losing the WSO capabilities, but it seems that that well is about to run dry, too, as people become aware of the continued decline in the quality of the offerings. And, I agree that it’s irritating to lose some useful threads. I do think, too, that we’re on the same page about resenting false accusation.

    Thank you for commenting tastefully and intelligently about this ugly situation. It’s much more compelling than ranting, cursing, and name calling.


  32. alex Says:

    Was just banned from warrior forum for calling out a member who had a WSO that was nothing more than stuff he found on the internet for free elsewhere. I showed for a fact the websites he got it from and the dates of the posted material Predated his WSO by a few months. For this i was banned for 6 months lol.

    I was scammed by a character named Caiden out of $14 just prior to this for a WSO that was nothing more than something he blatently copied from a previous WSO another member had done.

    I believe that website is nothing more than 1 big scamfest and the website owners know this but allow it to continue because they are making big bucks from it. IF anyone has the guts to speak out about whats going on they just ban them to get rid of the “problem”. This is no way to run a business and i plan on filing a compaint with the FTC about this nonsense.

  33. Jody Says:

    You’ve got that site pegged, Alex, and thank you for telling us about it.

    I understand your anger and frustration completely, but I suggest that you waste no more time on them. Many people have tried…to no avail.

  34. ray Says:

    You have been banned for the following reason:
    No reason was specified.
    Date the ban will be lifted: Never

    i was banned forever and no reason given

    i have since rejoined simply by using a different search engine and changed the order of my id

    i had no reports and 5 thank yous from about 50 posts

    i received no warning or notification of the ban

    interesting on wf i am immortal, for while they wipe all your posts, any time you are quoted, your words remain, carved in stone

    i do not consider the matter closed

  35. Jody Says:

    Your experience was much like mine, Ray. The lack of integrity and courtesy emanating from the site is unbelievable. If I were you, I’d consider the matter and waste no further time on them. That’s what I did. Thank you for commenting and telling your story.

  36. Lawrence Says:

    Hi all. Thought I’d throw this in for a laugh. I re-joined the WF recently after being “banned” ages ago for alleged spamming, (which I strongly refuted. I never promoted a product/service and never made “Wow, that’s great” type posts, so couldn’t understand how I had been spamming). (See above)

    Anyway, today I read through a thread on Google’s latest crackdown on Youtube. There were naturally lots of post by people complaining about Google’s heavy handedness.

    I made a short post saying that it was interesting but a bit ironic, considering how the WF has a reputation for banning people without warning and little explanation.

    Literally, within 5mins, I got a message telling me that I had been banned for “breaking forum rules”.

    I guess that it must have been the “Thou shalt not criticize the mighty WF in any way, shape or form” one.

    They really are a bunch of arse holes.

  37. Jody Says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience. You got that one right; I concluded that I was banned for being critical, too.

  38. Yolonda Hoscheid Says:

    Gosh, I just know about what is the black hat ethics, thanks for bringing it up here. And like any other said, people should stop doing that as it may causing your site to get deletion result

  39. Jody Says:

    Thank you for commenting and for reading.

  40. Jody Says:

    Sorry, I can’t help you with that. It’s between you and the Warrior Forum, and only they can help you…which I understand they’re not likely to do.

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