SEO – The Three Real Magic Mega-Moneymakers…Part 2

Search engine optimization (SEO) covers a lot of territory.  It is a technique to be used in almost everything you do as a webmaster:  list building, article writing, advertising, affiliate sales and selling your own products, and more.  It’s how you say, “Hey, look at me!”

SEO is one of your best tools, and one of its best tools is the use of keywords and keyword phrases incorporated into every aspect of your site where it is appropriate to do so.  Careful!  It can also be an obsession, so aim toward incorporating it but not being a slave to it.

Maximize Your Opportunities…

Optimizing your blog or website involves more than just optimizing your written content.  In one way or another, every aspect of your site should be a participant.  Break the habit of thinking article content=SEO or SEO=article content, and think about SEO no matter which aspect of your site you are working on.  Do something to get attention.

If you do concentrate only on content, you will still get some traffic to your site, but the search engines consider keywords –or their absence–in other places, too, and will rank you higher if they find them in article titles, captions for pictures, or headlines on pages.  Always keep in mind that it is your entire website to which you want to attract traffic and that attracting traffic is what SEO is all about.

Use Your Keywords Judiciously…

Those search engine bots (robots or spiders) are pretty smart; don’t underestimate them. Use your keywords (or keyword phrases) naturally.   If you overuse them, the search engines will pick up on it and just pass them by.  For that mistake,you will, unfortunately, get a lower ranking for those keywords.

When people overstuff articles with their keywords, the search engines do identify it.  In well written content, the keywords occur naturally throughout your article, and the keywords never sound forced.  Believe it or not, it’s easier to write articles with appropriate keyword density than it is to stuff them.  It is hard to use a keyword or keyword phrase in an unnatural manner, which is what keyword stuffing is.  Just let your writing flow and use keywords or phrases only when they seem to fit.

The Other Side of the Keyword Density Coin…

Just as you can have too many  keywords or keyword phrases, you can also have too few.  If you write without thought to keyword density, you could fail to use enough keywords.  Even if you’ve written an article with strong content, the lack of keywords means that it probably won’t be read. Keep in mind that people usually find your articles or website by searching using the words that express their interest.  Think about what words you would use if you were searching for your topic, and incorporate them into your article and your title. Think like a reader; the search engines do.

Use More Than One Keyword…

One basic principle of good writing is don’t generalize; be specific.  If you keep that in mind, you will naturally think of additional keywords.  If your basic topic is  gardening, you should be thinking about specific related  sub-topics.  You are writing an article, not a book, so pick a more specific topic, a VERY specific topic. The way to get to your keywords is Gardening–>Flower Gardening–>Growing Roses–>How To Grow Show Quality Roses.  There they are–four keywords and phrases!  And, in case you didn’t notice, you have your article title and basic outline, too.

However, if you are still having trouble with keywords, ignore them for the time being and just concentrate on writing good content.  Well written content will naturally have keywords and have them in about the right density.  Simply concentrate on telling your readers what they want to know.

Reciprocal Links and SEO…

Search engines love backlinks, and properly done SEO is the first step in getting them. However, it’s organic links that they love, not those you get from engaging in reciprocal link sharing by common consent with other webmasters or, heaven forbid, purchased links.  Thus, your job is to encourage linking from other quality sites by presenting yours as one that their readers would want to visit.

This entire article explains why search engine optimization of your entire site content is the ball that you should be keeping your eye on, and it is merely an introduction to the vast subject of search engine optimization.

Resources where you can explore

A good SEO 101 article which is part of a boot camp at Search Engine Guide

A good explanation of basics from Search Marketing Gurus

More good basics from Search Engine Journal

(Please note that I have no financial association with any of the above sites.)

Learn  these few basics and SEO will become an automatic process as you work.

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