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You Want to Change “The Little Engine That Could” to “The Little Engine That DID”

Your main goal is to make money. Doing that, however, involves much more than desire: think time, hard work, learning, organization, research. The list below describes the kinds of people who I believe will profit most from what this site has to offer and who will feel comfortable being here and participating in our mutual goals. There is a philosophy here, and those who share it will benefit most. But, if you don’t see yourself here now, hang around a while and see if we don’t grow on you.

  • You are passionate, persistent, patient, and persevering.
  • You have goals and are determined to reach them.
  • You recognize that you will have to work hard and that rewards might be slow in coming.
  • You are a participator and will contribute by posting comments and sending feedback.
  • You give as willingly as you take.
  • You have high standards and will try to maintain them.
  • You are a leader, whether a quiet one (you don’t have to be loud to be effective–remember ‘walk softly and carry a big stick?–and words are a very big stick) or pushy (sometimes you DO have to be loud to be heard over the din.)
  • You are a follower–when it is appropriate to follow.  That means that you are supportive when people or causes or principles need your support.
  • Did I just describe the ‘nonexistent’–the perfect person?  Probably.  But, aspiration usually does incorporate the search for perfection, along with the recognition that it is only possible to approach perfection, not achieve it.

    So, whoever you are now, if you want to find your place here, join in by subscribing to our newsletter. And, let me remind you again that your personal information remains HERE and will never go elsewhere.

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