It’s Decision Time!

If you have had a good look around the site, you most likely have been able to decide whether or not you are willing to spend the time and do the hard work it will take to set up your own site and begin making money.  Of course, I hope you will make a positive decision to join us, but if you feel that it’s more than you care to take on, then please do choose another path to your goal.

But if you are not really sure, why not sign up and try it out?  If you then change your mind, one click will remove you from the mailing list.

And now, in the spirit of “fools rush in…” I am breaking the rules.

The rules say that you must give something away, a ‘freebie,’ in order to induce visitors to sign up for your newsletter, but I call that bribery, and we don’t do bribery here. So, I am simply asking you to sign up because we must be able to communicate if we are going to work together to achieve our goal of building a working internet marketing site. The freebies will come later; I have quite a few in the pantry.

What won’t be coming are floods of emails trying to sell you something. The affiliate links for the products I market will be at the bottom of the newsletter, and only very rarely will I actively promote one of them within the newsletter. The newsletter is about giving you information, not trying to sell you something!

Don’t forget that you will be able to cancel at anytime with just a mouse click if you aren’t happy! And, of course, your personal information will never, under any circumstances, be sold, given away, made public, or shared with anyone else, ever.

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