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Content-The Three Real Magic Megamoneymakers…Part 4

Monday, June 14th, 2010

Although content refers to everything on your site…design, graphics, banners, audio and video…in common usage it usually refers to the written material of your site, your articles and posts. That is what we are going to talk about now, and it’s mostly about search engines and how to make them your friends.

What search engines don’t ‘see’:

* They don’t see images
* They don’t see videos
* They don’t hear audios

Therefore, search engine optimization (SEO) is more dependent on your written content than on any other element of your site, including backlinks. It also offers the best opportunity to build traffic:

* It gives you more exposure, which means more traffic opportunity.
* It is evergreen, once written and published, it’s always out there working.
* It has multiple uses…can be converted to ebooks, tutorials, etc.
* It gives you more bang for your buck: your best SEO opportunity, your best (targeted) list building tool, helps create quality backlinks, and provides the information your visitors came for.
* It makes the best use of your keywords.
* It is the main source of your page ranking.
* You’ve heard it before – content IS king.

Considering all of these factors, it becomes clear that the more writing you do…both article writing and posting to your blog or website… the more opportunities you create for the search engines to find you. It also becomes clear that you MUST write (or have someone else do it for you), even though you might hate doing it. Here’s the easy way:

* Be sure you have something to say.
* Fulfill the promise of your title, and stay on topic .
* Be concise; make your article or post as short as possible.
* Write informally – as though you were talking to a friend.
* Use your keywords judiciously – no ‘keyword stuffing.’
* Be meticulous about good grammar, correct spelling, and correct punctuation.


Your visitors came for information; give it to them.
The business of search engines is to find what the searchers say they want; make sure they find it on YOUR site.

3 Dynamite Research Resources for Writers

Saturday, August 1st, 2009

post-fleurdelisNeed some help with  researching your articles? Every affiliate marketer does at one time or another.  Article writing is the backbone of affiliate marketing, and well researched good quality articles will put you ahead of the pack.

Research is faster and easier when you know exactly where to find what you need. Whether it’s ideas or facts you are looking for, both are easier found when you are familiar with your sources and know what you will find where. That means you want authoritative and comprehensive ones that you can go to time after time with confidence.   Here are three all purpose treasure troves to add to your arsenal. (more…)

There’s Gold in Article Writing

Monday, July 27th, 2009

post-fleurdelisIf you have any doubts about the value of article writing, this should change your mind!

“Having a Wonderful Time, Wish You Were Here.”

(The story of the travels of one simple article.)

Almost exactly a year ago (8 July 2008) Ezine Articles published a 482 word article I wrote called “Dried Peas and Beans for Cheap Nutrition.” I wrote it as a course assignment, and I was annoyed because I thought it a waste since I didn’t have a web site to point to at that time. For that reason, I chose a topic to ‘waste’ that I didn’t expect to use in the future. I also chose it because it required no research; I could write it ‘off the top of my head.’ As I recall, it took me no longer than 15 or 20 minutes to write it and not much longer to forget all about it. End of story – until last night. (more…)

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