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The Welcome Mat

Saturday, December 13th, 2008

It’s not too often that you see a closed door as a welcoming feature. An open one would, indeed, seem much more welcoming. So why is our door closed? It isn’t locked, just closed–but why? It is because I want our visitors to open it themselves when they are sure that they really do want to come in. That first step of every journey is crucial; it says that you have made a decision. It’s an important door, too, not only to you but historically. It is the door to Charles Dickens’s home. Dare to aspire!

YOU are here because you want to start an internet marketing business. I am here to help you do it–as quickly as possible. Put how-to in your inbox now by subscribing to our e-mail newsletter, the guide to your objective.

Not sure? Then see About Us and About You, and then Getting Started. You can sign up on any of these pages.

This is not your usual “I’m making a cool million every year, and so can you” how-to manual. I’m just starting this business and haven’t made a cent! That’s right; I haven’t made one penny. Of course, I don’t expect that to be the case much longer!

What I have done, though, is to check out that $1 million guru thing–so you won’t have to, but more about that later. Now, I am inviting you to learn along with me, learn the practical way to quickly get your internet marketing business up and running. I will be putting into practice the basic principles that I have learned and will be showing you how you can do that too.

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