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New Year’s Inspiration 2010

Friday, January 1st, 2010

New Year’s Eve is our one opportunity each year to look both backward and forward, at what is past and what might yet be.  In so doing, we have agreed to face our regrets and sorrows, our joys and successes, and the abundance of indecision of the past that may have been the most troubling of all… and we have agreed to speculate on what measure of those same things our futures might hold and how we might deal with them given a second chance.

But once again, someone said it better than I could: Perry Marshall, about whom I wrote in an earlier post.

In a post entitled I’m Thankful on his own blog, he has written about what we all should be thinking about…and written about it eloquently.  This quote particularly engaged my mind:

But you don’t get rid of bad things by obsessing
about them. You create alternatives.

And this one:

You don’t free enslaved people by enslaving free
people. You work to make free people even freer.

For a message to hold onto for the New Year, please read and enjoy Perry Marshall’s

I’m Thankful

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