As-U-Type is Your Answer to Faster Typing

You’ll never get more bang for your buck than you get from a text expander!  And there’s practically no learning curve.  Install, set up a few abbreviations (doing that is a no-brainer), and start typing — FASTER!

If you use a computer keyboard for anything at all you should be using a text expander, and As-U-Type is the one I use; it is the best that I can find regardless of price — and some of them are pricey, indeed!  As-U-Type is so inexpensive that the commission makes it hardly worth promoting!

Chances are you have no idea what I’m talking about. These programs, which are few in number anyway, simply have never been marketed except to a very small niche, medical transcriptionists.  Still, I’m amazed that the word about this absolutely magic money maker hasn’t spread.

A short way to describe what they do is to say that they do the opposite of the ‘texting’ that you do on your cell phone.  (Sorry, ‘teens; you didn’t invent it.)

Imagine how your typing speed would increase while your errors decrease when you use a program that can change one or two keys into whole words, whole phrases, whole paragraphs, whole pages, even whole books — and you create your own abbreviations!

I have used a text expander for over 30 years, almost from the time they were first introduced, and I simply couldn’t get along without one.  Here are a few abbreviations, as examples, that I have created for myself :



cmmm=Magic Mega-Moneymakers

bc=because; bo=because of; ttyl=TTYL;  tuvm=thank you very much — and so does ‘tyvm’ because  sometimes I forget.

Beginning to get the picture?  Two-finger, hunt-and-peck, and touch typists have enormous benefits awaiting – and what I’ve said here is just the tip of the iceberg.

Added Free Bonus when you get As-U-Typeit’s fun!  It’s MAGIC!

Please Note: I suggest that you DO NOT get the free trial.  This kind of product can’t  show itself well in that environment.  Had I not known from my 30 years experience what it could do, I would never have bought it based on the trial.  If you can, just trust me and buy it.  It carries a full money back guarantee if you’re not happy — but, MY guarantee is that you will be.  Who could possibly be unhappy with an automatic and dramatic typing speed increase?

Get As-U-Type NOW!

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