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This page was created as a library of worthwhile reading that I hope you will make use of frequently. Most of what you’ll find here is lengthy, so you might enjoy reading in small chunks during your coffee break. I’ll add new material as I find it, of course.

Sylvie & Michel Fortin: ‘Internet Marketing Sins’ (In three parts, two PDFs and one video) No opt-in required. I consider this a must read for anyone who wants to know what internet marketing is REALLY all about. The links are at the bottom of the introductory page, which you should read, too. Get it here: http://www.internetmarketingsins.com/

Paul Myers: ‘Need to Know’ (an opt-in freebie)
Paul is wordy, but he is always worth hearing, and he doesn’t send newsletters often. The title of this 112 page PDF says it all.  Get it (and READ IT) at http://www.talkbiznews.com/


Steven Wagenheim: http://stevewagenheim.com/blog/
This blog has enough articles to teach you everything you need to know about internet marketing realistically. Steven is a great (and prolific) writer and a man of integrity, so when he tells you ‘however to do it,’ it will be how to do it honestly and fairly. He’s as white hat as it gets. I suggest that you sign up for his newsletter. It’s one of the best, and it’s where you’ll find offers his excellent (I have most of them) products at usually ridiculously low prices.

Copyblogger: http://www.copyblogger.com/
Trying to adequately describe Copyblogger is a hopeless task. Have a look for yourself, and you’ll understand why I say that. The ‘Resources’ menu in the left sidebar is mind boggling, BUT, it puts whatever you want to know on your screen instantly with just a click. At the top of the pro list is how well written it all is; if there is a con list at all, it would have to include the enormous amount of time you are likely to spend at this superb site.

Amy Hoy: http://slash7.com/
Amy has a lively, readable writing style, and there is a lot of information on her site.  A left sidebar menu is comprehensive and tempting.

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