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Banned From the Warrior Forum…Disgrace or Badge of Honor?

Sunday, January 10th, 2010


If it were not that this incident would eventually be discovered by someone and would ultimately come to the attention of my readers, I wouldn’t even dignify it with an acknowledgement. However, my readers and friends deserve more.

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oops! Must have been a computer glitch…log in again. oops!

My stomach began to churn, and I could feel my face burning! This can’t be!

How do you get banned for spamming when your best effort at marketing is a timid little line in your signature, when your blog is probably the worst monetized on the web, and my mailing list members can certainly verify that I have never attempted to sell them anything that had a dollar sign attached to it–not even in a P.S. or in a one-liner under my signature? (more…)

Look Into Your Future–You Won’t Like It

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

post-fleurdelisIs this what you want to see when you visit a blog or website?  More to the point, is this what you want visitors to YOUR  site to see?


If Google is allowed to continue forcing–yes, forcing–Sidewiki on site owners, that will be the fate of all of us.  Your friends can write anything they wish about you and your blog–and so can your enemies, competitors, and the just-having-fun pea-brains who enjoy making mischief.  You can neither prevent the intrusion of this large and unsightly sidebar on your site, nor can you remove any of its contents.  Sound scary?  It is!

Paul Myers has written a lengthy article about this on his blog at http://www.talkbiz.com/blog/ where you will find a thorough explanation of what this is all about and why it is outrageous behavior on Google’s part.  Read It!

Making Money Any Way You Can

Saturday, February 21st, 2009

post-fleurdelisWas it desperation?  Ineptitude?  Or maybe just a clumsy mistake?   Whatever it was, it was offensive.  But, after the initial shock had passed, it was just plain funny.

Yesterday, I received an e-mail that began, “Dear NULL.”  Duh.  Who?  The sender was only vaguely familiar, and I felt pretty sure that I hadn’t signed up for his (or her) mailing list.  So, why did I get that email? (more…)

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